Bensdorp Natural Dark Cocoa Powder Opens Clean Label Opportunities

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Zurich — Being released under the Bensdorp brand, Barry Callebaut AG’s premium cocoa line, Natural Dark cocoa powder is 100 percent natural, made through an alkali-free processing technique that allows manufacturers to develop “rich and chocolaty flavor in all major applications while offering a clean label,” according to the supplier.

The flavor palate blends roasted cocoa, spices and a hint of dried fruits that give way to warm notes that blend well with toasted aromas such as coffee and pecans, Barry Callebaut reports.

Steven Retzlaff, president, global cocoa, says: “We are delighted to introduce Natural Dark after years of development and continuous improvements. Our biggest challenge was to create a cocoa powder that not only delivers a natural dark brown color but brings a rich, chocolaty flavor that our customers can confidently use across all major applications. Since it’s a 100 percent natural proposition with a rich, chocolaty taste, we believe that this powder will set a new standard in the years to come.”