Blommer Funds Clean Water Program In Cote d’ Ivoire


Chicago — Proceeds from Blommer Chocolate Co.’s Founder’s Reserve chocolate line are now being used to fund a clean water project supporting villages in Cote d’ Ivoire, Africa.

Wells are being dug in villages to supply clean water to local families.

Part of the Livelihood, Infrastructure, Food & Technology program, a sustainability initiative supporting cocoa farmers in the African nation, the program is structured to have a serious impact on the daily lives of cocoa farmers by providing access to life’s basic needs, including clean water, nutritional food, health care and basic education, according to the company.

To launch the clean water initiative, the company reports, Founder’s Reserve directly funded the building of water wells with borehole pumps, which have begun providing clean water to thousands of individuals in Baleyo and Koffibakro. Blommer chose these villages because most of the current water supply is collected from surrounding ponds and hand-dug wells that are exposed to contamination.

Ultimately, the planned wells will provide safe drinking water to 300 families representing nearly 3,000 people.

“Blommer has long been a steward in pioneering sustainable cocoa farming and advancing farmers’ livelihoods around the globe,”says Steve Blommer, vice-president business development. “As an industry leader, we believe sustainability efforts in cocoa communities provide value at every touch point in the supply chain, through improved and consistent product quality and a sustainable future for cocoa farming families.”

The company goes on to state that as a global cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier, its sustainability initiatives focus on the critical need of farmer support in their endeavor to achieve economic viability for generations to come as well as the vital importance of making accessible the infrastructure necessary for a thriving community.

The L.I.F.T. Cocoa program launched in 2015 and is one of many sustainability programs the company offers.