Burnt Caramel, Orange Varietal Among Synergy’s 2018 Trending Flavors


Wauconda, IL — Burnt caramel, Blood orange and elderflower are anticipated to gain consumers’ favor during the coming year, according to Synergy Flavors, Inc.

Greg Kaminski, the flavor house’s executive research chef, says: “In the past, we’ve seen these flavors used as toppings for desserts or as part of a combination of ingredients in liqueurs, but we believe 2018 will be the year that these flavors will be seen widely on restaurant menus, on grocery store shelves and at cocktail bars as standalone flavors.”

Following are more details that led Synergy to highlight these three flavors:

Burnt Caramel: Millennials are showing interest in flavors with ethnic infusions and tastes derived from specific preparation techniques such as burning, browning and caramelization. Burnt caramel delivers on these trends, paring sweet milky notes with deep and smoky characteristics from the burning process.

Blood Orange: With consumers seeking more natural flavors, Synergy anticipates this varietal to gain steam in 2018 because of how “juicy and flavorful Blood orange is compared with the more common Valencia orange flavor.”

Elderflower: Floral flavors use in foods and beverages increased 88 percent during the past year, according to Mintel Group Ltd., and one variety that is already seeing increased use is elderflower. Unlike other floral flavors, which can be overpowering, elderflower has a subtle sweet profile that opens the door for use as a standalone flavor, according to Synergy.