Cambrian Buys Wastewater Management Company Baswood


Watertown, MA — Technology-based wastewater and biosolids management company Baswood, Inc. has been purchased by Cambrian Innovation Inc.

The acquiring firm reports the deal will accelerate its vision to “treat industry as an ecosystem — extracting precious resources, like clean energy and clean water, from wastewater.” As a result of the acquisition, Cambrian has doubled its number of installations worldwide and expanded its customer base, which includes some of the biggest players in the food and beverage space.

Through the deal Baswood customers will benefit from the purchasing company’s expansive collection of compatible solutions and its ability to optimize existing Baswood systems with its research and development lab, according to Cambrian.

“One site at a time, we are changing the way wastewater is viewed and managed, treating it not as waste, but as a source of clean energy and reusable water,” says Cambrian founder and CEO Matthew Silver. “Partnering with Baswood means even more solutions, more expertise, a broader customer base, and a greater positive impact.”