Cargill Makes Progress On Cocoa Sustainability Goals

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Schiphol, The Netherlands — Cargill, Inc. has made progress on its cocoa sustainability goals, including gaining the ability to track half of its sustainable cocoa beans from farm to factory, by deploying a range of digital tools to increase transparency, the supplier reports.

By using barcoded bags and a digital Cooperative Management Systems (CMS), Cargill has able to increase sustainable cocoa bean traceability. Additionally, the system allows grower organizations to manage loans, collect beans and check fixed versus variable costs, according to the company. Cargill also significantly increased its child labor monitoring and remediation systems, which now reach 29 percent of the total number of farms in its direct supply chain.

The supplier adds it has also mapped 72 percent of all farmers in its direct supply chain by leveraging GPS. Cargill reports it will use this data to identify were cocoa comes from, areas that might be at risk for deforestation and how to mitigate that risk through intervention.

”This sustainability progress report highlights how Cargill uses technology to connect every dot in the cocoa supply chain. Maximum transparency in the cocoa sector is critical for making real progress on sustainability. It not only helps cocoa farmers, their families and communities prosper, but also helps protect our planet. I am confident that working with our partners we can continue to make great strides in achieving a thriving cocoa sector,” says Harold Poelma, president of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.