Celebrating A Century Of Claeys Candy


South Bend, IN — About half of all businesses shutter after five years, while 70 percent close after a decade, according to a Harvard Business School study. Claeys Candy, Inc. is bucking those trends, as the hard candy, chocolate and fudge purveyor is celebrating its centennial this year.

The company is marking the occasion with special 100-year anniversary callouts on its hard candy bags and labels for its fudge and chocolate products.

A commitment to consistently high-quality products, taking care of customers and treating its employees as family have carried the company for its first century, Gregg Claeys, company president, tells Candy & Snack TODAY.

Founded by his grandfather Jerome C. Claeys on Blaine St. in South Bend, IN, the candymaker stayed true to its roots, having moved twice within the city before setting up shop at its fourth and current location on Taylor St., according to St. Joseph County Public Library records.

Asked what the future has in store for the company, Claeys returns to the lesson he learned from the preceding two generations of candymakers, exclaiming: “Consistently offering quality confections for another 100 years.”

One of the company’s signature products is its Gourmet Fudge in chocolate and peanut butter varieties. The company notes the products are handcrafted in small batches in copper kettles. Flow-wrapped in clear film with company branding and barcodes, each 1.75-ounce piece has a SRP range of $1 to $1.49. They ship 12 18-ct counter displays with header cards per case.

Old Fashioned Sugared Hard Candies are also a staple. The 12-flavor line features natural horehound herbal drops, natural lemon drops, wild cherry, root beer, natural raspberry, cinnamon, watermelon, licorice, sassafras and natural peppermint. Packaging options include six-ounce peg bags with a SRP range of $1.25 to $1.99 and bulk cases. The bags ship in 12- and 24-ct cases, as well as 72-ct shippers. C&ST