Chocolate Among Top Go-To Comfort Foods


New York — Chocolate ranks second in go-to comfort foods for U.S. consumers, while chips round out the top five, according to public opinion surveyor The Harris Poll. Pizza ranked number one.

Breaking it down by gender, women turn to chocolate and ice cream as their second and third choices, respectively, while men prefer ice cream and chips. Regionally, chocolate remains in the second spot for consumers in the midwest, south and west.

While chocolate is also the second most popular comfort food among gen Xers, the confection ranks third for all other generations, according to the Harris Poll.

Some 40 percent of consumers turn to comfort foods when needing a pick-me-up when stressed, while 43 percent they seek these items after a bad day and 33 percent turn to these foods when depressed. Conversely, almost four in 10 consumers turn to their favorite comfort food after a really good day, while 37 percent seek them out on their birthdays, The Harris Poll reports.