Consumers Chose Pecans For Limited-Edition Snickers

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Hackettstown, NJ — Consumers have chosen pecans to be featured in the next limited-edition Snickers as part of Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., LLC’s Great American Nut Search, the company reports. The limited-edition SNICKERS Pecan Bar features the same caramel and milk chocolate of the classic SNICKERS Bar, now with delicious pecans inside.

Other varieties in the running were cashews, pistachios and macadamia nuts, the candymaker reports. The limited-edition bars will feature the same milk chocolate and caramel as standard Snickers.

Mars Wrigley gave consumers the chance to order custom-curated boxes of the pecan bars from, and the limited edition, multicount packs quickly sold out.

“We were eager to involve our fans in developing our newest flavor innovation,” says Josh Olken, Snickers brand director. “It turned out that fans from Texas and across the south are nuts about pecans and wanted to taste America’s native nut in our iconic candy bar. We hope our fans are as excited to try the limited-edition Snickers Pecan bar as we are proud to produce them right in our Waco plant.”