Consumers Increasingly Taking Omnichannel Approach For Everyday Items


New York — U.S. shoppers are using omnichannel strategies more frequently when buying everyday items, with market researcher GfK SE reporting significant year-on-year increases in omnichannel approaches for key household products.

When it comes to CPG products, 23 percent of shoppers use an omnichannel strategy, up from 14 percent a year ago. Beauty and personal care items, over-the-counter healthcare and cleaning products also saw more omnichannel approaches, according to GfK.

Although online is gaining importance in buying decisions, shoppers still prefer purchasing in brick-and-mortar locations, as they are almost twice as likely to research a product online and buy in stores. Nearly half of consumers say they take this approach so they can see an item before buying, while 43 percent prefer buying from a physical store so they get their product sooner.

For shoppers choosing to buy online, saving money is the leading factor.

“Across all product categories, Asia Pacific shoppers tend to lead in embracing omnichannel strategies — but the U.S. is catching up,” says Joe Beier, executive vice-president of GfK’s shopper and retail strategy team. “U.S. shoppers now use digital devices for obtaining even everyday needs — but they still rely on stores to be there for browsing and purchasing alike. The goal for marketers and retailers should be to give shoppers the options they need for increasingly busy schedules. Be everywhere your consumers are, giving them the freedom to shop when and where they like, and they will embrace your brand.”