Downs Encourages Decisive Actions To Assist Small Businesses


Washington — As the nation is shrouded in shadows of uncertainty from the coronavirus, NCA President & CEO John Downs is urging government officials from the federal level to local representatives to take decisive actions to ensure the ongoing vitality of small businesses.

Chief among the actions needed, according to Downs, are no-interest loans for small businesses to help ensure they can make payroll.

“It’s time to harness the collective resilience, grit and determination needed to get assistance measures across the finish line for the family-owned companies in our industry and all small businesses across the country,” Downs wrote in an op-ed. “Wholesalers, distributors and other family-owned companies alike need business interruption liquidity so that they don’t have to layoff their employees.”

He went on to again applaud the work of Governors Tom Wolf, of Pennsylvania, and Ohio’s Mike DeWine for their leadership and work in addressing the needs of small business owners that “serve as an economic engine and driver of job creation in this country.”

As part of its coronavirus response NCA signed onto a letter, along with 60 other food industry organizations, sent to the White House that calls on the administration to officially recognize food manufacturing as essential critical infrastructure, Downs pointed out in the op-ed.

“If the small businesses within our industry, not to mention the broader food manufacturing sector, end up failing because of the very serious challenges we are facing as a country, a significant number of jobs will crumble behind them, causing major harm to our economy,” Downs concluded.