Ecommerce, Premium To Invigorate Jellies Market


London — Ecommerce is anticipated to have a heavy impact on the jellies market, while premium product designations crossing over from chocolate into the non-chocolate sector will also drive the segment, according to Technavio. The research company anticipates sales to grow around 5 percent, compounded annually, by 2021.

Every day more consumers are turning to ecommerce and the average amount spent buying online is also growing, according to Technavio. Internet retailing is also giving vendors the ability to enhance profit margins and revenues.

“Online shopping portals have also included enhanced security features for efficient customer service,” adds Manjunath Reddy, a lead food analyst at Technavio. “They also have user-friendly website designs and interfaces that offer enhanced product visibility. This trend is encouraging various manufacturers to lay their focus on the internet-savvy consumer segment and explore the new online retailing format.”

The market researcher also notes premium and gourmet jellies are gaining traction, as consumers continue to seek out products of higher quality with specific origins, fine flavors and exotic and ethically sourced ingredients. Rising disposable income among global consumers is helping to drive this demand as well.

“Fruit jelly manufacturers around the world are experimenting with new flavors and ethnic ingredients to align themselves with consumer preferences,” Reddy says. “New premium and gourmet fruit jelly products with reduced sugar and fat levels are gaining popularity among consumers.”