Enhanced Destination Retail Among 2019 Expo Must-See Features

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Chicago — Debuting at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo is a completely redesigned Destination Retail, presented by NCA and IMC, featuring the latest in front-end merchandising, new candy and snacks shopping occasions and merchandising solutions to transform the buying experience.

DR ShowfloorAlthough many categories are accelerating online sales, shoppers continue to rate brick-and-mortar as offering the best shopping experiences for candy and snacks, according to Larry Wilson, NCA vice-president of industry affairs.

“We continue to see growth opportunities in offering a Continuum of Choice at checkout, shopper engagement in the aisle and incremental occasions like Super Bowl that are becoming as big as traditional seasons,” Wilson adds.

Expo attendees won’t be able to miss the show space, as the redesign includes a façade replicating a store front, and interior that flows as a shopper would walk through a store. The area will also highlight new technology to attract shoppers as well as many innovative display vehicles from exhibitors at the show.

“This year, the whole mantra for Destination Retail is how to make candy come alive in stores,” says Cam Cloeter, founder of IMC. “Candy is a very emotional category, and you have to engage consumers to make an emotional bond. There are a lot of places in stores you can engage shoppers with candy.”

He notes for retailers, the section can give them fresh ideas on the most effective merchandising strategies, while candymakers can gain a better understanding of where front ends are heading and how to better approach retailers.