Ethel M Chocolates Rethinks Factory Store Experience


Henderson, NV — In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Ethel M Chocolates is redesigning its factory store with an updated look, interactive elements, expanded retail space and a café menu, the company reports.

“The transformation will elevate the factory store experience, while preserving the qualities and traditions that have made Ethel M a memorable part of the community since opening its doors in 1981,” says General Manager Oren Young. “We’re introducing an interactive and open design concept that will allow guests to explore our process, products and engage with our chocolatiers, really bringing the Ethel M Chocolates story to life.”

The $2 million redesign will incorporate colors and materials that represent the factory’s original copper kettles and signature Botanical Cactus Garden, while interactive features will include an upgraded tasting room and a demonstration area featuring a chocolatier making items such as chocolate-covered strawberries and caramel apples.

Further, there will be a self-guided viewing aisle featuring digital displays sharing the company’s history as well as Mars Chocolate’s sustainability efforts.

While the site is under construction, a 2,400-square-foot pop-up shop will be setup just outside the factory featuring Ethel M’s full retail range and a private tasting room.