Exploration, Sensorial Experiences Among Innova Flavor Trends

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Arnhem, The Netherlands — Shoppers seeking exciting and novel tastes is leading flavor development, while interest in natural and clean label option are also impacting R&D decisions, according to Innova Market Insights.

The research company highlights the follow five flavor trends to watch for the remainder of 2019:

Discovery: Consumers are moving outside comfort zones in a quest for new food experiences, with flavor playing a major role, according to Innova. In fact, two out of three U.S. shoppers say they love discovering new flavors. Even among consumers that don’t actively seek out novel tastes, there is still opportunity for reinvention of classic flavors with unique twists.

New Sensations: Stronger taste experiences leveraging spicy, sour, sweet and savory are surging in popularity. Salty and sweet combinations are being joined by a deluge of hybrid flavor solutions such as pasta bacon tacos and ramen burgers in foodservice.

Sophisticated Tastes: Traditional flavors are finding new markets as manufacturers focus on developing more complex combinations. With an aging global population, adult-focused flavors such as coffee, alcohol, and roasted and smoky are gaining stream.

Celebrating The Exotic: Diverse flavors based on foreign cuisines continue to draw shoppers in, with Southeast Asia, East Asia, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors becoming more popular.

Unlocking Umami: While recognition for umami flavors, or savory tastes, is low in Western cultures, the demand for exotic flavors and convenient home cooked meals is driving growth for products making umami claims. In the East, demand for mindful food choices and clean label products is pushing the use of ingredients with natural umami tastes.