FDA Grants Temporary Permit For Marketing Of Ruby As Chocolate’s Fourth Type

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Chicago — Barry Callebaut AG’s Ruby chocolate has been given a Temporary Marketing Permit (TMP) by the FDA, allowing the pinked-hued variety to be marketed as chocolate in the U.S., the supplier reports.

The company notes this is an important step in establishing Ruby as the fourth type of chocolate recognized by the FDA’s standard of identity for the ingredient.

“Barry Callebaut has established itself as a pioneer and innovator in chocolate and cocoa, globally,” says Peter Boone, president & CEO, Barry Callebaut North America. “With the approval of this TMP, we will move forward with our customers in introducing Ruby as chocolate to the U.S. market.”

Ruby chocolate has a unique pink color and a sensory profile with fruity, berry notes and “luscious smoothness,” which is made from pure cocoa beans selected for their unique Ruby properties without adding flavors or colors, according to the supplier.