Ferrara Reveals ‘It’s Trolli’ Ad Campaign

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Chicago — In what is the largest ad investment in the brand’s history, Ferrara Candy Co., Inc. has launched “It’s Trolli,” a campaign highlighting the gummi candy line’s “weirdly awesome nature and adding a touch of delicious darkness,” the candymaker reports.

The first TV spot, titled  Cupboard, features a troll knitting in its hovel while a cupboard door opens to reveal the neon light from Trolli gummi worms. “As a neon light in the darkness, Trolli transforms everything it touches momentarily into something bright, happy and sweet,” the company explains. A second commercial is set in darkened woods and features a tree creature whose day is brighten by Sour Brite Crawlers.

“This new marketing campaign delivers on an ownable insight for our brand: Trolli’s dash of ‘delicious darkness’ – through our brand history, black packaging and product origins – is what truly sets the brand apart in what has now become a sea of weird,” says Annie Meyer, marketing director at Ferrara. “The campaign marks Trolli’s largest media investment to date and we are thrilled to partner with Wieden+Kennedy and Blinkink as brilliant thought partners who have brought Trolli to life in the form of a psychedelic, playful, and uniquely identifiable world.”

The campaign will run across TV, online video and brand social media channels, and additional spots will be introduced in the coming months.