Ferrero Bringing Kinder Joy To U.S.

Ferrero USA, Inc. has reimagined the chocolate surprise egg, offering an innovative approach to the global phenomena, according to spokesperson Patricia Hallock.

Chicago — One of the most popular products on the international market is preparing to hit U.S. shores, as Ferrero USA, Inc. launches Kinder Joy, a new take on the iconic chocolate and toy item.

Unlike the original line, which finds the toy surprise tucked into a chocolate egg, Kinder Joy has individual seals on each side of the plastic, egg-shaped packaging. One side of the egg holds the toy surprise, while the other contains two wafer balls atop layers of milk créme and cocoa créme. A small plastic spoon is also attached to the packs.

While the company is still working out the final details for the item, which will have a full rollout in January 2018 and some distribution during the preceding quarter, Kinder Joy will have a SRP under $2, according to spokesperson Patricia Hallock.

In addition to the item, Ferrero is bringing the Kinder mobile game to the U.S. Already available on the global market, the app will launch in the fall, Hallock tells CST.

“The Kinder app is all about edutainment, there are no ads, sales materials or even product mentions in the program,” Hallock says. “It is all about providing fun, educational experiences.”

Ferrero is also debuting Tic Tac Gum this week in spearmint, Fresh Mint and Cool Watermelon. The gum leverages the iconic mint’s shape and packaging, along with an eating experience that mimics the crunchy breath freshener.

“As a leader in the mint category, it was a natural fit to move into gum,” Georgina Turpin, company spokesperson, says. “We know consumers are seeking out new gum choices and these three flavors were the most popular in testing.”

Debuting in early 2018, Tic Tac Gum will have a SRP of $1.39. CST