Flavor Producers Acquires Flavormatic Industries


Flavor Producers logoWest Hills, CA — Flavor Producers, LLC has purchased Flavormatic Industries, Inc. in a deal that involves all of the acquired firm’s intellectual property including flavor library, equipment, brands, and customer and supplier lists.

The transaction will open new markets for Flavor Producers, including coffee. The acquiring firm reports it hopes to complement Flavormatic’s offerings with new organic and natural flavors.

“The acquisition of Flavormatic is consistent with our growth strategy to expand our customer base and broaden our technical capabilities,” says Jeff Harris, CEO of Flavor Producers. “By combining our R&D expertise with Flavormatic’s, we are offering our customers a broad range of solutions and resources.”

Flavor Producers is an independent company with R&D and manufacturing facilities in Valencia, CA; Cincinnati, OH; and Linden, NJ.