Fortress Launches Metal Detector With Vertical, Horizontal Concurrent Scanning


VcsPRAsset 3520832 629935 5898c783 6eee 4739 9a8f 60a5c6027efd 0Toronto — Interceptor DF (divergent field) food metal detectors are the first multi-orientation, multi-scan equipment and inspect low profile products vertically and horizontally concurrently to achieve higher sensitivity, according to Fortress Technology Ltd.

“The ability to choose the direction of the inspection field is itself groundbreaking,” says Steve Gidman, Fortress president.

The new machinery is particularly sensitive to thin metal flakes and foils that can be difficult to detect on low profile items, such as chocolate and candy, Fortress reports.

To further address safety in confectionery production, the Interceptor DF address previous limitations such as product orientation, size, geometry and position, the supplier reports.