Gen Z Prefers In-Store To Online Shopping


San Diego — Despite growing up in a digital world, 64 percent of Generation Z — consumers ages 14 to 19 — prefer shopping brick-and-mortar retailers as opposed to online, according to retail and experiential marketing firm Interactions.

In fact, three-quarters of the demographic report a preference for retailers that have engaging in-store experiences, with a clean location, friendly and knowledgeable associates and a positive checkout experience being the most important factors for a positive shopping trip, according to Interactions.

Further, the marketing firm finds the demographic isn’t very brand loyal, as more than 80 percent report a willingness to switch from their favorite brands if they find a similar product of higher quality. In addition, 79 percent say they don’t care if an item is branded or private label as long as it is good quality. However, 80 percent say they are willing up to sign up for loyalty cards in exchange for deals, Interactions reports.