Global Baked Savory Snack Market To Grow Through 2020


London — Global sales for baked savory snacks, such as extruded items and ready-to-eat (RTE) popcorn, are anticipated to grow 4.1 percent through 2020, according to researcher Technavio.

The savory biscuit market is expected to increase 4.15 percent during the period, driven by health-conscious consumers and the introduction of innovative products, the researcher reports.

“The growing popularity of breakfast savory biscuits coupled with promotional activity, distribution and marketing is translating into sales,” says Manjunath Reddy, lead research analyst for food at Technavio. “Baked savory biscuits are the perfect substitutes for chips, as baked products are considered healthier than fried products.”

Baked extruded snack sales are anticipated to increase 4.26 percent during the period, with easy availability and relative low cost of ingredients for extruded corn snacks leading manufacturers to expand heavily in the product segment.

RTE popcorn sales are expected to grow 4.32 percent through 2020, with increasing varieties and flavors driving consumer interest in these items, according to Technavio.