GMA Revamped As Consumer Brands Association


Arlington, VA — The Grocery Manufacturers Association is now the Consumer Brands Association (CBA), which advocates for product affordability, access and innovation; eliminating consumer confusion; and solving large problems impacting the marketplace, the organization reports.

“The Consumer Brands Association is an entirely new organization with a focused, compelling agenda that establishes the industry as a champion of the billions of consumers it serves daily,” says Geoff Freeman, CBA president and CEO. “We are on the path to providing the CPG industry with a platform and results unlike anything it has previously experienced.”

The trade organization notes the CPG industry supports one in 10 American workers, generating $1.1 trillion in labor income and contributing $2 trillion to the nation’s GDP. Additionally, the CPG industry has vast reach with the average American using 42 packaged goods products every day.

“Few industries impact every household across the country. It’s our job to harness that reach to drive positive change — both for our members and for the millions of American families they serve every day,” Freeman says.