On-The-Go Lifestyles Boosting Meat Snack Sales


Centennial, CO — Consumer trends around on-the-go snacks and demands for better-for-you options are driving the meat snack market, according to National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

During the past year sales in the sector increased 7 percent, according the trade group, which notes meat snacks are second only to chips in the salty snack category.

“Beefy jerky provides all the convenience of a traditional savory snack with no cooking or refrigeration needed, but packs a punch a protein and essential nutrients that make it stand out in the snack aisle,” says Alisa Harrison, NCBA senior vice-president of global marketing and research.

In addition, research reveals three-quarters of consumers are seeking better-for-you snacks options, and meat snacks are outselling seeds, party mixes and pita chips combined, according to the association.