Chocolate Brownie Candy Parfaits


Chocolate Brownie Candy Parfaits from Sweet Tooth Sweet LifeThis month we teamed up with Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life for Halloween. Courtney is a mom, food lover, fitness fan, and an amazing baker. BUT, our favorite thing about Courtney is that she loves all things sweet and she writes about candy pretty often. That’s how we first met each other.

Courtney believes in moderation, and she’s a great role model.

When we asked her if she wanted to help us come up with a few new Halloween recipes using candy, she jumped at the chance. Earlier this week, Courtney posted this fantastic-looking Chocolate Brownie Candy Parfait. No one will judge you if you make this recipe before Halloween, but we think it’s a great idea to make use of any candy you have left after the Halloween trick-or-treaters have come and gone.

Visit Sweet Tooth Sweet Life for the recipe and plenty more like it.

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