Hershey Named To Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

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Hershey, PA — For the seventh year running, The Hershey Co. has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and was also listed on the North American Index for the eight consecutive year, according to the candymaker.

Hershey is one of only eight companies operating in the food and beverage industry to make the world list, and one of six on the North American Index, the company reports. The lists are regarded as the highest standard for evaluating corporate sustainability based on environment, social and governance factors. Some 2,5000 of the largest companies tracked by S&P Global Broad Market Index were evaluated to develop the list.

“Operating responsibly and sharing our goodness with the world is part of the DNA within Hershey and has set us apart for more than 125 years,” says CEO Michele Buck. “I’m proud of how we have increased our focus and sustainability efforts that will continue to positively impact our business and the impact we can have on some of the world’s most pressing issues.”