Hershey Plans To Release Reese’s Thins In Early 2019


Hershey, PA — In March 2019, The Hershey Co. will again extend its iconic Reese’s brand with the launch of Reese’s Thins. According to the company, the product is 40 percent thinner than a regular Reese’s cup.

The company contends the line extension is not a replacement, just another option.

Michele Buck, Hershey president and CEO, discussed the upcoming innovation during the company’s Q3 earnings call last month. “I couldn’t be more excited about another upcoming innovation that will launch in March of 2019. Consumers love Reese’s in all shapes and sizes. And now, they will have a new experience with a new benefit with our launch of Reese’s Thins. This product is about 40 percent thinner than the original cup, and it appeals to those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility. They will be available in individually wrapped pieces in both milk and dark chocolate varieties in our newly redesigned take-home bags. This product truly provides a differentiated benefit, and we’ve seen this thins concept play well in other categories. For 2019, we have a balanced approach, a combination of news, packaging innovation, as well as unique offerings that we believe will drive core brand growth.”

“America, we’re excited to give you another way to enjoy that irresistible, delicious, salty, sweet combo that can only come from Reese’s,” adds Veronica Villasenor, senior director, Reese’s Brand. “We’re giving you what you want, for every part of your day, and you can have more than one. You’re welcome.”

The cups will be individually wrapped and pack in bags. C&ST