International Delights Unveils ‘First Peeps In Space’ Diorama

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International Delight® PEEPS® Flavored Creamer (Diorama by Zing + How Design)Broomfield, CO — To mark the release of its Peeps Flavored Creamer, International Delights will display a “First Peeps In Space” diorama at the Carroll County Art Council PEEPshow in Westminster, MD, according to parent company Danone North America Public Benefit Corp.

The four-foot-four-foot diorama weighs 150 pounds and features more than 1,000 Peeps, including “several ‘Easter eggs’ inspired by the biggest stories and newsmakers in space travel and exploration,” according to the coffee creamer company.

“‘First Peeps in Space’ is a celebration of the way space is inspiring boundless imagination in 2019, just as it did 50 years ago when Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon,” says Lauren Start, senior brand manager for International Delight. “There’s no better way to celebrate the new International Delight Peeps Flavored Creamer with our biggest fans.”

Carroll County’s PEEPshow, one of America’s most competitive Peeps art competitions, will run April 12 to 23, Danone reports.