Jelly Belly Dramatically Increases E-Commerce Operations On Mozu Platform


Austin, TX — Growth in e-commerce sales is more important than ever for confectionery companies and Jelly Belly Candy Co. is starting to see the fruits of its decision to use Volution, LLC’s Mozu platform through a newly published case study.

A year ago Jelly Belly switched to the cloud commerce system and instantly saw a dramatic change in web traffic. In the first week, Jelly Belly says it experienced its biggest week in revenue ever and a year later the company continues to see growth. The platform has scaled to 40 worldwide sites, doubled its website speed, expanded organic site traffic by 21 percent and increased mobile sales by 300 percent, according to the study.

“Migrating from our homegrown platform to Mozu has given Jelly Belly the power to scale and grow much faster than we could on our own,” says Brandon Finch, director of eBusiness for Jelly Belly. “Having the capability to launch multiple sites and make real-time updates to our products, catalogs and promotions at the business level, without burdening IT, has been a game changer for the eBusiness team at Jelly Belly.”

The company says its homegrown system had become a burden on the IT and marketing teams looking to sell directly to customers online, so Jelly Belly reached out to Mozu for a partnership that is proving beneficial for both companies.

“Jelly Belly is a prime example of the type of partnerships that we cultivate at Mozu,” said Jason Wallis, chief technology officer at Mozu. “Jelly Belly has been able to quickly scale after the initial implementation, with little involvement from Mozu, resulting in increased consumer experience and revenue, and improved business workflows.”