Leclerc Upgrades To Next Cavemil System For Chocolate-Topped Cookies

Mark Lozano, SACMI Chocolate & Packaging

Québec — Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate recently installed a Next Cavemil chocolate moulding line in Biscuits Leclerc Ltd.’s flagship Québec facility. The 114-year-old company is a manufacturer of cookies, crackers and snack bars.

To produce its Celebration cookies, which feature a moulded chocolate medallion sitting atop a butter cookie, the Next Cavemil produces two types of chocolate products, both of which are bound with biscuits at 25 moulds per minute.

According to Mark Lozano, vice-president of North American operations for Italian equipment supplier Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate, the entire line was modularly designed to allow for optimum flexibility, and future product expansion. “Open modules have been incorporated within the line for future integration and capability allowing Leclerc to create a variety of new products,” Lozano points out.

The Cavemil incorporates three MLE Core quick changeover chocolate depositors, which deposit solid and “one-shot” products with various fillings including caramel and jam. The Next Cavemil moulding line is also equipped with a Fast Shell module with a double cold punch, for making dosed, formed, shell products at speeds of up to 25 moolds per minute.

Once the chocolate is deposited, biscuits are placed into the mould using the company’s CBRJ rotary biscuit alignment, feed and depositing system, automatically integrating them into the chocolate.

Sacmi Chocolate & Packaging Next Cavemil System

Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate was also involved in designing and manufacturing the integrated structure and platforms. Emanuele Rista, technical liaison for North American sales, notes this is part of the company’s systems-driven approach when partnering with manufacturers. “The structure allows operators to safely access the biscuit feeding systems and navigate the moulding line,” he points out.

The design of the two-story line maximizes space utilization and system efficiency, placing the mould changeover and demoulding units on the lower floor, nearest to the packaging machines, Rista explains. C&ST