Lindt Grows Organic Sales In Challenging Market


Zurich, Switzerland — Despite challenges in the global chocolate market, Lindt & Sprüngli AG had organic sales growth of 3.6 percent during the first half of this year, the chocolate marker reports.

While Russell Stover, which Lindt acquired in 2014, is making progress in its strategic alignment, it is taking more time than anticipated, according to the parent company. When excluding Russell Stover, first-half results reach 6.6 percent.

In the company’s NAFTA region, organic sales decreased 3 percent. Challenges to Russell Stover’s sales had a big influence on results in the region, according to Lindt.

Although sales in the U.S. were challenged, the company maintained its leading position in the growing premium chocolate market and continued to hold the number three spot in the country’s overall chocolate market, Lindt reports. While U.S. sales softened, the company had double-digit gains from its Canadian subsidiary.