Mars Launches Sustainable In A Generation, Plans $1B Investment


McLean, VA — Mars, Inc. is investing $1 billion in the coming years to support its Sustainable in a Generation plan, which aims to move the company to “operating within planetary boundaries and delivering a positive social impact.”

The program centers on a three-prong approach:

Healthy Planet: Mars plans to reduce its environmental impact to meet the scientific community’s vision of what is necessary to keep the planet healthy. This includes focusing on climate change, water stewardship and land management.

Thriving People: The company is working to improve the lives of a million people in its value chain, with a focus on increasing incomes, respecting human rights and unlocking opportunities for women.

Nourishing Wellbeing: Mars’ goals include advancing science, innovation and marketing in ways that can help consumers lead healthier lives.

“If we are to help deliver on the targets agreed in Paris and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, there has to be a huge step change,” says Mars, Inc. President and CEO Grant F. Reid. “While many companies have been working on being more sustainable, the current level of progress is nowhere near enough.

“Mars has been in business for four generations and intends to be for the next four generations,” he adds. “The only way that will happen is if we do things differently to ensure that the planet is healthy and all people in our extended supply chain have the opportunity to thrive.”