Mars Wrigley Revamping American Heritage Chocolate Brand

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Hackettstown, NJ — The American Heritage Chocolate brand has received a 360 degree refresh that includes updates to the brand’s identity, packing, product recipes and formats and website, according to Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., LLC.

The brand is evolving its imagery and messaging away from its Colonial roots to embrace a more timeless visual narrative, the candymaker reports.

“To emphasize chocolate’s global, cultural influence, a story of connection that brings people together, spanning time and place, we are moving away from a singular, historical perspective to a more universal exploration of how this super food has impacted the world around us,” explains Gail Broadright, director of sponsorships and family properties.

AMERICAN HERITAGE ChocolateThe new brandmark is the Heritage Tree, a symbolic abstraction of a flourishing cocoa tree, according to Mars Wrigley. The new mark, along with a tagline of “Savor the Stories,” is featured on updated packaging which now use deep red hues for dark chocolate and cool blue colors, inspired by 18th century sugar cone packaging, for milk chocolate products.

The updated recipe is mildly spicy and features a blend of ingredients available during the 18th century, including hints of chili peppers, vanilla and orange, Mars Wrigley reports. The formulation will be used in several new product formats including tasting squares, tablet bars, finely grated chocolate in reclosable packs and gourmet hot cocoa.

American Heritage Chocolate highlights the confections unique story in the Americas and was established by Forest E. Mars, Jr. and a team of food historians in 2006.