Millennials Devote More Spending To Candy, Prepared Foods Than Other Generations


Washington — Millennial households across income levels devote more of their at-home food spending to candies, prepared foods and pasta than older generations, according to the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS).

Now the largest living generation, millennials devote 13.6 percent of their at-home food spending to those three categories, compared with 12.5 percent for gen X, and slightly more than 11 percent for baby boomers and traditionalists (people born before 1946), the agriculture agency reports. Millennials also spend the smallest share on grains, poultry and red meat.

Among mature generations, millennials and gen X spend the least per person per month on food at home, with a small positive effect on spending as incomes rise, according to the USDA ERS.

While millennials are devoting more dollars to candies, pasta and prepared foods, the federal department notes these habits might shift as the generation ages and experiences life events such as marriage and having children.