Mindful Choices Top Innova’s 2018 Trends


Arnhem, Netherlands — With seven in 10 U.S. and UK consumers wanting to know and understand ingredient lists better, and one in five U.S. shoppers being most influenced by “real ingredients,” Innova Market Insights reports mindful choices will be a major market mover in 2018.

“Today’s consumer displays a high level of mindfulness about well-being and the environment,” says Lu Ann Williams, Innova’s director of innovation. “So it is no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful in their food choices, wanting to know what is in their foods in order to make decisions about health, sustainability and ethical issues.”

In addition to mindful choices, Innova highlights the following trends for the coming year:

Lighter Enjoyment: Consumers will seek out “lightness” across categories, with lower alcohol content beverages, less sweet flavors and even portion sizes all increasing in appeal.

Positively Processed: As shoppers become more influenced by “naturalness” and minimal processing, industries will revive traditional manufacturing techniques such as fermented foods while developing new methods of production.

Closing The Circle: Expectations are growing for manufacturers to use resources smarter, driving trends such as tip-to-tail eating, innovations to cut food waste and more biodegradable and renewable packaging.

Teas Come On Strong: While coffee is trending heavily among younger consumers, teas are being reinvented to appeal to these shoppers, and Innova anticipates the hot beverage flavor popping up in more categories, giving snack bars as an example.