M&M’s Celebrates 75 Years, Promises New Innovations



Confectionery is woven throughout the fabric of America culture with more than 60 percent of U.S. candy brands having been around for 60 plus years. Mars Chocolate’s M&M’s are no exception as the product celebrates its 75th birthday.

Born from the military’s need to supply soldiers with chocolate during World War II, Mars began selling them to the public in 1947. Change is in store for the colorful, bite-size treats. From new colors and flavors to new package designs, these chocolates are sure to remain relevant for the next generation of snackers.

Tracey Massey, Mars Chocolate’s president and NCA board member, is featured in a recent USA Today article discussing the exciting innovation coming from the Hackettstown, NJ-based company.

In addition to announcing the new updates, M&M’s also released a music video to celebrate the chocolate’s sweet 75th.



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