Mobile Payment Features Drive Brand Engagement


Chicago — Consumers seek out marketing campaigns that directly or immediately benefit them, such as mobile coupons, loyalty programs and messaging initiatives, according to mobile marketing firm Vibes.

As consumers continue to show a willingness to use mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, the importance of reaching consumers through coupons and loyalty programs will become critical.

Currently about of third of smartphone owners use a mobile wallet and more than 90 percent report being likely to save personalized offers and coupons received through this technology. Further, eight in 10 smartphone users say digital coupons are more convenient than paper options and nearly 60 percent agree their opinion of a retailer would improve if they received offers that could be saved on smartphones, according to Vibes.

Concerning loyalty programs, more than two-thirds of shoppers surveyed report having a more positive opinion of a program if they can store and access their information through a mobile wallet app.

“The opportunity of coupons and loyalty programs remains very strong, but the most effective delivery mechanisms for these marketing tactics has changed with the growth in mobile,” says Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO of Vibes. “This consumer data highlight the tremendous opportunity for marketers to immediately start delivery their branded content into Apple Pay and Android Pay.”

He adds leveraging these technologies is a win-win for consumers and brands, as shoppers enjoy the convenience of mobile wallets, while companies can use them to tailor marketing programs to maximize their effectiveness.