Mondelez Calls For Complete Sustainability, Transparency In Palm Oil Supply Chain

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Deerfield, IL — Mondelez International, Inc. is further pushing for its goal of 100 percent sustainability and complete transparency in its palm oil supply chain, challenging suppliers to commit to concession mapping and act faster to eliminate deforestation, according to the CPG company.

Concession mapping allows stakeholders to identity and focus on areas with high risks for deforestation, and moving forward Mondelez will require suppliers to provide universal, group-wide concession maps for upstream suppliers. On the deforestation front, the CPG company has promised to stop doing business with suppliers that engage in the practice and reports it has already cut ties with 12 upstream suppliers.

“Mondelez International remains fully committed to driving change in the palm oil sector and today’s actions against 12 upstream suppliers reflect that commitment,” says Jonathan Horrell, global director of sustainability at Mondel?z International. “We will continue to pursue existing and new initiatives that seek to drive effective change across palm oil-growing communities. The company understands that this complex challenge can only be solved through collaboration with all actors in the palm oil supply chain, from growers to suppliers and buyers, as well as local and national government and non-governmental organizations.”

Since 2010, Mondelez has worked across its palm oil supply chain to tackle these issues, resulting in industry leading levels of traceability. However, a gap remains between the current state and the company’s 100 percent sustainability goals, moving the company to put these two additional requirements in place.