Most U.S. Consumers Become Frustrated During In-Store Shopping


Orlando, FL — More than 90 percent of U.S. shoppers get frustrated when shopping in a store, with waiting for a refund or to pay among the top annoyances, according to cloud-based POS technology provider Omnico Group Ltd. Additionally, 49 percent of shoppers become angry when they are unable to find the product they want.

However, nearly three-quarters of shopper say technology will eliminate those annoyances. Scan-and-pay mobile apps and payment kiosks are among the most popular options, with more than 80 percent of U.S. shoppers saying they are ready to use such technology in stores.

Omnico also finds shoppers are also embracing loyalty programs as they adopt technology at retail. In fact, seven-in-10 consumers will use loyalty programs integrated into an app.

“Our research shows that huge numbers of U.S. consumers experience deep frustrations when shopping in a store” says Mel Taylor, Omnico CEO. “It’s obvious they know that advanced digital technology can resolve almost all of these problems to make their shopping enjoyable and easy again. The key will be the integration of current legacy POS systems with newer digital technology that enables deployment of scan-and-pay apps, for example, or centralizes refund management, without the need to rip and replace what’s already there.”