Mount Franklin Donates To El Paso Community Foundation

Mount Franklin
Members of Mount Franklin Foods, LLC’s management team present a check to leaders at the El Paso Community Foundation.

El Paso, TX — Employees from across Mount Franklin Foods, LCC’s operating facilities pulled together to donate $27,325 to the El Paso Community Foundation Education Fund in honor of members of the community impacted by the shooting on August 3, the company reports. Mount Franklin is headquartered in El Paso.

“I am so proud to be part of an organization that supports not only our internal Mount Franklin family, but also our larger El Paso community. Our board of directors and employees from across all our facilities — El Paso, TX; Boone, ND; Chicago and Juarez, Mexico — all generously participated to make this donation a reality,” says Enrique Grajeda, president of Mount Franklin Foods. “It is awe-inspiring to see what can happen when we work together and stand strong for each other.”

The El Paso Victim’s Education Fund will provide monetary assistance for tuition and other related expenses for college, university, and established trade or vocational schools, the company reports.