National Candy Month Member Feature: Smarties Candy Company



All month NCA is celebrating National Candy Month (#NationalCandyMonth) by profiling some of the people who make our industry so special. Liz Dee, along with her sister and cousin, is part of the next generation of leadership for Smarties Candy Company. Just because there’s a new generation at the helm doesn’t mean that the founder doesn’t still have his eyes on the business, though. Liz says her 91-year old grandfather still comes to the office every day.

Because Smarties are so important to the Dee family, Liz has a special appreciation for family traditions that involve these tiny treats. There’s nothing she loves better than hearing from her consumers about the ways they include Smarties in their celebrations. She’s not alone. Everyone I speak to in the candy industry is honored to hear about the unique ways in which chocolate, candy, gum and mints are part of happy and balanced lifestyles.

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