NCA Brings Halloween Central Message To Times Square


New York — NCA’s work around balanced treating during Halloween got out in mass, as the Association’s message was featured on a 23-story billboard at 43rd St. and 7th Ave. in Times Square. NCA Times Square Picture

The message, “90% of parents talk to their children about balanced treating at Halloween,” along with a “Happy Halloween” greeting was spread across more than 7,300 square feet on one of the largest digital signs globally, according to NCA.

In addition to the 170,000 people that work in Times Square, the tourist destination attracts some 415,000 visitors daily, the Association reports.

“Halloween is the industry’s biggest time of year, and what better place to showcase this candy moment than on a screen in the brightest space in America? It’s important for us to share the message that balance is important — not just at Halloween, but throughout the year. We’re all about treats — with no tricks,” says NCA Spokesperson Carly Schildhaus.

The billboard is a continuation of NCA’s outreach around balanced treating and holidays. In addition to the Times Square activation, the Association launched Halloween Central, a digital resources that gives parents the tools they need to help reinforce the unique role that chocolate and candy can play at Halloween in particular.