NCA Celebrates Candy Month With Treat Drops At Metro Stops


National Candy Month signage in DC

Washington — As part of the National Candy Month celebration, NCA staff handed out treats at four of the busiest Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority stops to “bring a little enjoyment to the morning” for commuters in the nation’s capital, according to the Association.

The stops included Capitol South, Union Station, Farragut North and Metro Center, and staffers handed out product from Spangler Candy Co.; Ferrara Candy Co., Inc.; Ferrero U.S.A, Inc.; and Just Born, Inc.

A DC police officer enjoys a treat during National Candy Month“National Candy Month is a time to honor the classic American manufacturing success story of the confectionery industry,” says John Downs, NCA president & CEO. “We’re excited to share the stories of the companies and individuals who make the confections many of us enjoy throughout the year, especially as those companies empower consumers to treat in a way that fits into a happy, balanced lifestyle.”

For those outside of Washington that want to participate in National Candy Month, NCA has set up National Candy Month Central, a digital hub with ideas to celebrate the industry, and facts on chocolate, candy gum and mints.

Commuters enjoy a treat during NCA Metro Drop event.

In addition to visiting the digital hub, NCA suggests companies participate in the month-long celebration by sharing products with members of their local communities. Candymakers can also join the conversation on social media by following NCA’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages to see how the Association is celebrating all month long. NCA is encouraging the industry to tag post with #NationalCandyMonth to share how they are celebrating.