NCA Praises Pennsylvania and Ohio Governors for Thoughtful Leadership



National Confectioners Association President & CEO John Downs today released the following statement praising the leadership of Governor Wolf and Governor DeWine and calling on elected officials at all levels of government to follow their example:

“As elected officials at all levels of government continue to take on the major public health challenge presented by COVID-19, we are encouraged by the leadership shown by Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania and Governor DeWine of Ohio. Pennsylvania and Ohio are home to nearly 80,000 jobs supported by chocolate and candy manufacturing. For every one job that our industry creates in confectionery manufacturing, another 10 jobs are supported in related fields like transportation, retail and more. Governors Wolf and DeWine have embraced food manufacturing as an essential service for their constituents, and we thank them for their support of our member companies and member companies’ suppliers that help boost the economy and drive The Power of Sweet. The food supply is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, and at times like these, our industry’s contribution to the food manufacturing sector should not be overlooked. We strongly encourage all governors, mayors and other government officials to follow the examples set by Governor Wolf and Governor DeWine and make it clear that food manufacturing is an essential service in these uncertain times.”

Chris Gindlesperger
[email protected]