Op-Ed Highlights Candy’s Role In Well-Being

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Washington — The tie between chocolate and candy and Halloween is undeniable and “just one bite of your favorite treat can bring about feelings of nostalgia,” highlighting the category’s important contribution to consumers’ well-being, wrote NCA Spokesperson Carly Schildhaus in a medium.com op-ed.

“Although many of the treats from our childhoods still thrive today, the way we celebrate Halloween has evolved over time,” Schildhaus wrote. “What was once a night of mischief and black magic is now a celebration filled with festive decorations and family-friendly costumes. These days, you’re just as likely to see a costume of a superhero or princess as you are a ghost or a witch.”

In addition to changes in the ways the holiday is celebrated, there has also been a shift in how treating is approached during Halloween, according to Schildhaus. She pointed out that 90 percent of parents use the season to offer guidelines on balance and “actively create a plan to help their children make informed choices at Halloween.”

The industry is also working to provide consumers with means to achieve balance around treating. These activities include offering more options in smaller pack sizes, a meaningful change to help people manage their sugar intake, according to Schildhaus. NCA also offers tools in this regard, including on Halloween Central, a digital hub loaded with resources focused on balance and mindful treating.