Nestle Reveals Butterfinger Dark, Crunch Dark


Glendale, CA — Nestle USA, Inc. extends its Butterfinger and Crunch brands with dark chocolate. According to the company dark chocolate is a growth driver in the sector, noting it is a $1.5 billion segment with 10 percent CAGR growth from 2013 to 2015.

Butterfinger Dark will hit stores in late February, supported with an in-store display promotion offering consumers a chance to win their own Tasty Story video, a custom Tasty Cookbook featuring their recipes and product prize packs. The brand will also be promoted on social media beginning in March and running through the summer. According to Nestle, the product is made without artificial colors and flavors.

Butterfinger Dark is offered in 1.9-ounce singles shipping eight 36-ct displays per case, 3.7-ounce two-piece share packs shipping eight 18-ct displays per case, and eight-ounce reclosable standup pouches of Bites shipping in five-ct cases. Merchandising units include 228-ct singles floor displays, 108-ct share pack shippers and 72-ct countertopshare pack displays.

Crunch Dark and Buncha Crunch Dark launch in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to the company, the packaging strongly promotes the 100% Real Chocolate message, and the product is made without artificial flavors or colors. The bars are available in 1.5-ounce singles shipping 10 36-ct displays per case, while Buncha Crunch debuts in eight-ounce reclosable standup pouches shipping eight per case and 3.2-ounce concession boxes in 12-ct cases.