Nestlé Japan Debuts Cacao Fruit Chocolate Made Without Refined Sugar


Kobe City, Japan — Made with white pulp and beans from cocoa pods, Cacao Fruit Chocolate is being introduced under the KitKat line from Nestlé Japan this fall, according to the CPG company, which notes the chocolate has no refined sugar.

Nestlé reports it has applied for a patent for the “viscosity adjustment and control of chocolate in the process of drying and pulverizing cacao pulp and adding it to chocolate instead of sugar.”

Characterized by natural sweetness and acidity, the company reports it will expand the new chocolate into more countries in 2020.

Chef Yasumasa Takagi, the Japanese pâtissier behind Cacao Fruit Chocolate, says: “It is an innovation that focuses on the fact that cacao is originally a fruit and provides the full taste of cacao.”