Non-Chocolate Market To Grow 2% Through 2023

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Rockville, MD — Between 2018 and 2023, the U.S. non-chocolate market is anticipated to increase 2 percent, according to Packaged Facts, which estimates the sector will grow 3 percent this year to reach $11 billion in total sales.

The ability of the segment to appeal to consumers across demographics will be a contributing factor to growth, according to the research company.

Additionally, shoppers’ demands for clean label and transparency in packaged foods is hitting the market. Packaged Facts notes consumers are seeking out natural and organic option, products from artificial and GMO ingredients and more information on where ingredients are sourced and how they are processed.

Although shoppers are showing interested in “better-for-you” items, it remains a niche market as mainstream brands continue to capture a bulk of sales. However, Packaged Facts reports large candy companies are adopting clean label and transparency product attributes when possible.