Nude Brand Vegan Chocolate Made With Reishi Mushrooms


Los Angeles — Nude Chocolate Co. has developed vegan luxury dark chocolate bars made with Reishi mushrooms, organic toppings, and an herbalist-selected super blend of herbs, lending to their names – the Mind, Body and Soul Bars.

The company notes the products were developed to promote happy and healthy lifestyles through what it calla “enhanced chocolate.”

The Mind bars include a blend of blueberries, hibiscus, rhodiola, ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba, sage and catuaba, while the Body bars feature strawberries, rose petals, calendula, rosehip, plantain, chicory root and seaweed. The Soul bars include raspberries, lavender, holy basil, rose powder, hawthorn, chamomile and yarrow. Each bar is three ounces and has a SRP of $9.95.

Nude Chocolate Co. founders Scott Postlewaite, Mike Manning and Matthew Postlethwaite with influencer Montana Tucker at the brand’s launch party earlier this year.

The company is owned by Netflix actor and former restaurant owner Matthew Postlethwaite, luxury real estate agent and entrepreneur Scott Postlewaite, and Disney/MTV actor Mike C. Manning.

“I’m constantly looking for ways to better myself. As someone who has experienced depression, it’s not something that I ever want to experience again. I started researching alternative ways to create balance,” Postlethwaite says. “I read translations of historical Chinese texts about herbalism and it was there I started learning about Reishi’s ability to help maintain the body’s homeostasis. I began consuming Reishi in water, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” Postlethwaite began searching for ways to make various plant-based supplements he was taking more enjoyable, and that’s when he thought of the idea for the bars. “Creating something natural, healthy was important to me.”

Postlewaite is an entrepreneur that currently owns a healthcare-staffing agency and is also a realtor for a luxury brokerage.

“With Nude Chocolate, it was important for me to bring an element of luxury to the packaging and into the product. I didn’t want this to be just another chocolate bar. I wanted people to look at the box and see it as a gift they could give a friend or loved one. I want our bars to be an experience, not just a snack,” Postlewaite says.

The final addition to the team was actor Manning. Before moving to California, he was attending college for business and nutrition. “I’ve always been fascinated with how the human body uses food. I was studying diets, fitness supplements and learning about healthy lifestyles because of sports. Now, being part of a creative community in LA, that interest is only stronger.”

Manning, most known for his acting roles in Disney’s “Cloud 9,” MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” and in the third blockbuster “God’s Not Dead,” also has a film production company. “I love telling stories, and the story we want to communicate with these bars is that people don’t have to settle for things the way they’ve been. Supplements don’t have to taste bad. Being healthy shouldn’t mean you have to eat things you don’t enjoy,” says Manning.

“Before we launched, we tested over 300 different recipes to create the bars we have now. It’s been a long process, but worth it,” says Postlewaite. The team works closely with certified herbalist Natasha Lloyd to help make sure the formulas for each herbal super blend match with the bars.

“We are proud to be the first company to do it this way,” says Postlethwaite. “We love the bars, and now we want to share them with the world.” C&ST