Obama’s Budget Provides Funding For Food Safety


Washington — President Barack Obama’s final budget proposal for fiscal year 2017 includes a $26 billion investment in food safety and health, according to White House reports and briefings from governmental departments.

The $4.1 trillion budget allocates $24.6 billion to the Department of Agriculture for discretionary spending as well as $82.8 billion to the Department of Health and Human Services, which includes $1.6 billion to be given to both the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention representing a $212 million increase compared with fiscal year 2016.

The administration is pushing for an initiative that would fund summer meal programs for low-income kids as well as provide more kitchen supplies to schools in need. The budget also calls for funding of the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, an investment in animal disease response infrastructure, implementation, and support of the Food Safety Modernization Act and spending to address the CDC’s goals in the nation’s food safety systems, to name just a few of the programs receiving funding.

However, there’s still a long battle ahead for the president as Congress is sure to oppose many provisions within his budget before anything is signed.