Palsgaard Achieves CO2-Neutrality In Mexico



Juelsminde, Denmark — As part of its commitment to achieve a global zero-carbon footprint by the end of 2020, emulsifier and stabilizer supplier Palsgaard A/S has reached CO2 neutrality at its Mexican facility.

The company began the process in 2012 with the installation of solar panels on the factory roof. The Mexican site now has more than 400 solar panels, which generate 95 percent of the plant’s electrical needs.

Miguel Hidalgo, managing director of Palsgaard Mexico, says: “We don’t just talk, we act, and this declaration of CO2 neutrality is an example of the actions we take. We expect to be an example and motivator for other companies and institutions to undertake projects related to social responsibility.”

The company reports it Netherlands and Malaysia production facilities have are also in the process to reduce CO2 emissions.

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